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You nuh see your friend Kartel a run out of lyrics my youth
Youth watch your temperature, you need fi cool down
Vybz kartel a di baddest lyricist
Lyricist fi wha'?
How you mean? Dem man deh lyrically inclined

So what dem implying?
Di teacha haffi sing line?
DJ nuh inna him mind?
Cork up yuh nose fi di stink rhyme, a di king time
Mi wicked like St. James and Kingston and St. Catherine crime
Roll out wid di shootas fi kill time
No boxers, Calvin Klein
Nuff bwoy waan get me out fi reach di big time
Mi sleep and wake up and dem still trying
You nuh have nuh patience?!
Mash up yuh clock and try fi kill time
But mi a:
Still The Lyricist, vocabulary physicist
Melody Michelangelo weh paint da graphic images
Get a condom fi yuh ears because da tune yah shot like syphilis
Weh di title? Hey, gimmie this!
Empire is di wickedest!
I'm da baller and the manager
Alex Ferguson and Bibby this
Mi stay in front like Genesis, yes
Who waan fi penny this? Guess!
Mi find di metaphors weh Jay-Z dem and Biggie miss
And chaw dem up like Winter Fresh and spit dem out like Wrigley's
Mi hot, mi touch green grass, make it catch fyah
Some bwoy nuh thugs, mi see through dem like mesh wire
Yes Iyah! Dem license expire
Mi rub dem out like mi Benz tire
Mi meds higher than Angel pon heaven's wire
Burn dem with the hell's fire
Wha' prostitute and virgin have in common? Empire!
Dem waan come inna mi bed fi cool da temper yah
Dem enter yah, dem linger here
Junky gyal, needle and syringe a wear
Christian gyal? Ginger beer
Rasta gyal we injure care

Mi FLOW like di town cable
It's no fable
No knights of di round table
Tell Adam and Eve and Cain say, mi don't Able
Dem bwoy deh tek mi style, yet dem so brazen
But Rvssian
Mi FLOW like di town cable
It's no fable
No knights of di round table
Di bwoy dem bite mi styl,e yet dem so craven
Dem come in like di big fat gyal, dem so Raven

Mi a di Portmore pioneer
Mi an mi ooman deh fi 9 year
Nuh try dat my dear bout me an you mek a nice pair
Tek my advice dear get it outta yuh head like lice here
Mi luvin har forever if life spare
Yuh doan know mi Afghanistan yuh only know mi Times Square
Yuh see me inna di Benz changing 5 gear
A drink Street Vybz like its Lite Beer
On private jets mi fly Leer
Adis nuh Nike Air
Mi skin paint up like bike flare
Dat a di easy street, Yuh know da Elm street?
Di nightmare
Di days when mi used to take di bus and cyan find fare
Just log off wid yuh virus mi have spyware
The way mi brain fertile, America wah invade an drill fi oil here
They can see dem bwoy deh nuh fancy
Dem a Anansi
Mi lyrics wear dem out like a gangsy
Dem shame inna di crowd an every man see
Dem fans give dem thumbs down
Mi a thugs and dem a Bugs Bunny

Mi FlOW like di town cable
Its no fable
No knights of di round table
Tell Adam and Eve and Cain say mi doan Able
Dem bwoy deh tek mi style yet dem so brazen
But Russian
Mi FlOW like di town cable
Its no fable
No knights of di round table
Di bwoy dem bite mi style yet dem so craven
Dem come in like di big fat gyal dem so Raven
Aye Russian
Dem fi know dis is not a throw word song to some Queers and dem gangs fi dem build some mediocre counteraction songs. Naw its just a reminder to the fans, to the One Order, to the Clans, that Vybz Kartel can still drop his lyrical bombs!.....Mi FLOW like di town cable......

Vybz Kartel



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