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Stand - you can make it
Stand - you can take it
Stand - realize that nobody can break it for you

Stand - you can do it
Stand - go right to it
Stand - nobody can do a damn thing to you

But you can´t stand - if you don´t care
Can´t stand - if you don´t dare
Can´t stand - if you´re running scared
Forget you´re blood & bone
Stand like you´re made of stone

Stand - on your honor
Stand - show you´re gonna
Stand - they can´t put the creeping death upon you

If you stand - never move it
Stand - gotta prove it
Stand - stand ´cause you can´t stand to lose it

Stand - stand - stand like a rock
Stand - stand - you stop their clock
Stand - stand - put them into shock
Stand - stand - together
Stand - yeah you better
Stand - don´t you know that you can live forever if you
Stand - one for all
Stand - don´t you crawl
Stand - if you stand then you deserve it all

But if you can´t stand,
Then they´re the boss,
Can´t stand - it´s a total loss
Can´t stand - they´ll nail you to the cross
Forget you´re blood and bone
Stand like you´re made of stone