Warriors in the night fight for life
the chalenge is a way of life, but it´s our way
tireless warriors, sleepless night
discharging furious each and every show
Warriors in the night boiling blood
have the force to keep the course against the grain,
blow away everyting in the way,
warrirs in the night start another show
burn the amps in the lights
hell is braeking loose
blood and sweat light and sound
the power shakes your soul
can you feel the force
the music makes us one
Bodies fly throught the air to the crowd
loud guitars blinding lights this is how we live
warriors you and I were all the same
have no fear let it out show us how you feel

Warriors come to play!
Warriors come to play!

Close your eyes in the dark anothe nightin flames
feel the heat in the air running thtought your veins
jump around hit the ground apocalyptic dance
slam your head on the stage here´s the war we wage...

Warriors in the night...
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