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It's like there's no love in the ends
And I feel like I need to provide for my friends
But I hate when I see my boys both guys bleeding
Light in the dark for my boys that I'm leading
I'm leading away to the better days
Where there's choong zoots, choong girls everyday
And no-one has to hustle in any way
So the bad memories, fold them away
But it hurts when my boys mum die
I bleed when you bleed, I cry when you cry
Still see my nans face late of a night
That will never change she's a part of my life
And when I move on, finally meet fate
I will search for the life for a sweet face
She'll embrace me into her arms
And tell me how to live life in the next place
Confused in this life that I lead
On the street, try not to get a knife in the spline
Lately there's a lot of hype on the scene
That you got to be a killer to be a MC
Naa, but I don't wanna hurt anybody
Kill anybody, wanna merk anybody
Driving out to the forest, start burying bodies
Naa mate that's not in my nature
But I swear down these streets will take you
Engage you in activities that are major
And I won't beat down for this shit
But I'm living in narm so I'm made to
I swear down follow me I'm out for the paper
The whole war thing? I'm not really on that
But I can only can take so much before I'm forced to engage in the sequence of combat
But it's not like back in the day where you could swing it out with a man and it's over
Cause nowadays man will come back round the bits with a samurai sword or a revolver
Yeah everybody wants to get physical
Business on the road is criminal
And I tried it and I didn't mind it
But lately, most of my business is lyrical
And everyday there's another beef
There's another little argument
Another little cheef
Loosing countless hours of sleep
And I'm stick, don't know how to receive
And I'm trying to stay strong but I'm still young
In the land where mums get left without sons
Don't know what to say I'm speechless for words that everyday shit of the slums

Hol' tight my boys
Got love for you all
It's real

Yeah I smoke weed to escape
Cause every other day that I live in this world
I tempt fate in this place full of hate
But what keeps me going is my boys like Bramy and Paige, the strongest people
Our love ones never die they're the white dogs of the church steeple
This world is evil, and my boys can't get a job so they do shit that's illegal
No one plays fair, and no one gives a fuck everybody just wants to get paid here
No one plays here, and getting out of this shit is the vision that I stay clear
Because I'm dreaming and drifting the weight off my shoulder
I'm lifting rejected by God at my christening
Now it's time to speak out, because I feel that I've done enough listening
And when we pass on to another land, we all leave footprints in the sand
But when your in your coffin and you bodies rotten
You don't really want your personality forgotten (Never that)
I wanna' be cemented in time
Me and my boys everyday in the grind
Everyday another enemy I seem to find
But nobody is ahead of me in the space of time
And you know what? I'm tired of my life
Tired of the bullshit, tired of the nights
Tired of these girls keep ringing me at night
Telling them I'm at the ends, all the times I gotta lie
And I'm fed up of my boys mum dying
Nothing worse than to see your boys crying
I don't love or survive but I'm trying
And to say that I'm not scared would be lying




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