Canción 'Roll in Peace (Remix)' interpretada por Bhad Bhabie

Roll in Peace (Remix) Letra y Canción

Bhad Bhabie

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ROLL IN PEACE (REMIX) es una canción de Bhad Bhabie que se estrenó el .


'Roll in Peace (Remix)'

First they gone mention my age
Then they gone mention my race
Hit 4 million views in a day
They should admire the pace
Came from the bottom for real
Boy I ain't used to be home
Now i'm in the Hollywood hills
And more than ever in the zone

But now I can't roll in peace
TMZ following me
Everybody want the scoop
Wish you'd bitches let me breathe
Only 5 foot but i'm all savage
Knock a bitch out on the airline
Yelling f*** spirit hope them hoes hearing
And i'll let you have it like it ain't mine

I don't pick up at the landline
When they bring me up you better at mine
I'm pulling up in a Panamera with a pink slip so you know its mine
My daddy ain't buy it he left me in private and tried to come back when he seen I was shining but f*** him i'm grinding these hoes on the charts and its climbing just wait till a bitch going diamond
Red hair don't care
Catching stares everywhere like what the problem is
How you hatin' with your grown ass when i'm 14 and got my mama rich
I'll go out right now and they taking pics I remember when they didn't give a shit
Wasn't looking twice when I was Danielle now its Bhad Bhabie all up in this bitch
Your artist scared of my brand suck my dick that's all that i'm saying
All these artist hating online like its me that's stopping they shine
Get you some money my bodyguard raking 200 a year you broke and you bummy I don't wanna hear it got over a million endorsements
Why you thirsty for importance
I call it quits on the Xan's
Have me switch low on my hands
Now I ain't losing again
Test me i'm proving to win
They wanna see me in jail
Good luck with seeing me fail
I know the courts is corrupted
But I won't be in no cell
They tryna' make an example
I say i'll set it myself
Said I was too disrespectful
Putting my mama through hell
FYI why we doing well
And I got the mortgage secure
And they gonna hate me for sure
And all of these hundreds my cure
Young rich and I'm outta control
Making bands like i'm out on the road
Dodging 12 yelling f*** the trial
Balling out like its all that I know
I let em hate cause I know that they broke
My wave coming betta' go with the floor
See em sinking while I stay at the floor
Pay attention I can show you the ropes
First they gone mention my age
Then they gone mention my race
4 million views in a day
They should admire the pace
You should be minding your place
Why is you all in my face
Yeah i'm young and i'm rich and i'm small but i'm brave