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Pipi Dance - Letra

Mr Eazi

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Eazi baby
KLU baby

I'm like 1,2
I buckle my shoe
It's a Friday night
I'm like 1,2
I buckle my shoe

Im loving the way that u are moving the waist, the beat is banging, baby do not put it to waste!
Im loving the way that you are feeling the base, the Dj's blasting baby do not put it to waste

You are loving the pipi dance
I see that you're loving, you're loving the pipi dance (4x)

Its a friday night everybody is feeling irie, feeling irie
And the Dj blasting, blasting, to the na Eazi dancing
I see that you are loving, you're eyeing me from a corner
You're looking at me from a corner, you're loving the way i do the, Pipi Dance!
Cause it be true no be lie, you can ask Nkechi, she no go deny, You can do, don't be shy!
Do the Pipi, Pipi dance eh
And a Rosay popping, they call me Mr. Maserati driving
So high, no skunking
Hands on the waist you can do the pipe dance eh

Kaalu kaluu kaluuu kaluuu kaluuu kaluuu
You for do make i buy you more booze, more booze, more booze, more booze, more booze, more booze (2x)

Ahhhh, Eh
Shake that body, I like the tings you dey do baby
Dont stop baby, tonight be the night wey you go jolly!
You sef why u waan dull like?
That you be that kind of girl wey dey fear? Ohh nah
You for come roll with boys wey dey really ball life
Make we show you how this is really, really done!

Eazi baby
A.K.A. Mr. Maserati baby!
Haha, KLU baby...
Where you for find this beat?
This beat dey beeee!
Oya, cut am, make e die.....

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