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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah... yeah, yeah

Sharda says she dying to take a trip
Yeah yeah
I saw this is your time to make a flip
Smoke twenty-eight grounds with Muslims
And this perky got me thinking I'm gonna shit
Yeah yeah
Talkative shorty like this
Yeah yeah

Baby is you're gonna let me hit
Yeah yeah
Baby is rolling up display
Yeah yeah
I hope and all your friends were to shit
Yeah yeah

Maybe we could be a Crozier
Yeah yeah
F*** order another load yeah
He's older - nigga make the nose yeah yeah
Nigga that be with me carrot oh yeah yeah
Baby I'm the leader of the zone yeah yeah
Get it so what making niggas move yeah yeah
Never know niggas roll yeah yeah
I'm itchy bumping a road yeah yeah
Come and take a walk up my shows yeah yeah
Borrow your wind blow it on the crow yeah yeah
I was saving money like a Joe yeah yeah
When I spent two million my Josh yeah yeah

I got my money than you yeah
My future I was busing maneuvers yeah
Was working it was taking the school bus yeah
And my Ferrari I just parked for my
School are ya niggas ain't not all
Really good too fuck yeah six Mercedes
And I got me a future yeah
Two Ferraris and they practically

Useless yeah love my
Odyssey me slide With maestro might
See me smiling cause I'm always coming dunk
I become money here I go
I can't I'm I thought what

She's learned I know she won't be there
She gonna be like baby give me more
Keep running me me to the door
I'm like no I have a ticket I'm watching

On my chain if I love Jersey such
Opinion on my name
You can usually catch me with my game
We're saying that's where I'm banging
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

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