Fetty Wap

Letra de la canción

take a walk with me through the passage of time
pay close attention & stay between the lines
I'm the tool of the government & industry to
I'm the slime coming out your television set
don't you fret cause i'm still in the zone
many today are naked & afraid
but i don't take in that logic why bother
through the duration of my climb i created a rhyme
a feel good message for folks to shine
do you feel me yet or should I forget
I bet your sorry that we met
see love is the mere essence of my inner existence
some folks journey to join the resistance
yet there's a line being driven in the sand
hopefully someday all will understand
in full desire I'm under fire
got those demons among us try to haunt us
there's a penalty for sin so let me begin
got clowns to the left of my jokers to the right
but here I am stuck in the middle with you
modesty is my best policy
got to keep it real where others dismiss as no big deal
life is a drama so go home to your momma
my words are pure & they are chosen
not basking in the hot sauce of the oven
isn't nothing knew where others have no clue
I bet your wondering what you need to do ?
yet I'm on the level with nothing heavy
carry for a long shot in back of my Chevy
no news is good news that's how I roll
bust up the beat & improve the tempo

Letra añadida por: voicemen (#45)

Fetty Wap
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