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Uh yea this is for the bold ones
For my peeps who march to the beat of their own drum
For those who never hold tongue and don't run when the cold comes
Instead they breath it in, even if it leaves their soul numb
I'm told fun running with adventure seekers
Inventive dreamers who tell the sleepers that your brethren need ya
Sicker than emphysema mixed with yellow fever
Forever eager to undermine the lies of pretentious leaders
Ingest the reefer enjoy the flavor of nature's bounty
My mind is filled with sun rays for when the days are cloudy
They want my hopes enslaved they throw their ropes and chains around me
I say it proudly Dream On's my theme song I play it loudly
Ok I'm out for wherever the wind takes me
Can't restrain me, I'll react insanely and a bit strangely
It's crazy, but I'd rather burn out in fiery smoke than in a retirement home in my mid 80's
This shit changed me into a wild beast
And the wolves don't dine with sheep when it's time to eat
I know hyenas try and creep when the lion sleeps
My alliance is a kind to untie the leash, I am free
I ain't trying to be a better slave
I never rest, so I never regret the bed I made
I never been afraid
My souls a Serengeti, serenade in every blade I grasp from the Everglades
I started as a renegade like Ren Thomas
Hit the earth like 10 comets during intense conflict
Like Lincoln at Fort ?? I'm dead honest
I'm lifting the weight of the world the plates I bench press are tectonic
More follow through and less promise
We're fed vomit they suppress logic, we've become disbonded
Ingest chronic till I got red optics
I'd rather make less profit, become more of a blessed prophet
Trying harder to be that fire starter
Keep that light in my heart for when the sky's are darker
On a way with path way past the mile markers
Doing business with the odds with God as my silent partner
You try and barter your lies but that slippery slope becomes harder to climb
We try borrowing time but there's only sorrow to find
So eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die
That crap that you sold you can throw it in the trash
For that which we know can provoke this kid to dash some
I'm back on the road cuz I chose a different path
While you let them shackle your soul like The Ghost of Christmas Past
But this savage is unchained
Rabid and untamed
You faggots complain about being average and mundane
But even if I could manage to numb pain
I'd rather be a cadaver being ravaged by the sun's flames
They think I should conform to societal norms
I'd rather find a bike and ride her right through the eye of the storm
I'm a child's song during a quiet silence in dorm
Every time I perform it's a reminder of when science was wrong
You won't find a team rivaling our's
King of the the jungle my primal scream leaves the Lion King scarred
I feel it inside my bones so I'm smiling hard
I know I'm right at home Where the Wild Things Are
My style and flavor is wild by nature
They try to enslave you by placing no faith in a pile of paper
Confined to a cubicle coffin compiling data
My inner child is smiling waving bye to the haters yea!
I'm barefoot chasing after a trail of mirrors
?? with a pack of goons howling at the moon like some werewolves
Life is out there somewhere if you dare look
But I swear you ain't gonna find it in that there book
We at the crossroads melody, lost soul reverie
Blowing straight at the forked road, my foretold destiny
I walk bold try to ignore old memories
While y'all home waiting on some talk show therapy
There's no escape for a rebel
No way you should settle for mid-range between a bass and the treble
Wanna come to a place where you're breaking a level?
Gotta run the race like you're being chased by the devil
Yea, you can't finish if you never start
Life don't leave clues I'd rather choose the question mark
I don't fear death I was blessed with an intrepid heart
That's my mind's eye, see the bright side when it's getting dark
So I take to the road even though the path I'm taking has forsaken my soul
I don't know my way but it's a way that I go
I keep walking, cuz fortune favors the bold

It's crazy man. You know life is a journey, you just gotta take that first step. Most of the fun is finding your way

I don't know - I don't know just where to go but I go
Yeah I go to find my home

I don't know
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ChamLee (#54)

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