If it's five o'clock and you're ready to rock, you grab a beer
If the week's been long then your hand belongs a cold beer
If you're at the game, buddy who can blame you, grab a beer
If you're out on your boat grab a fishing pole and some beer
Come on

It's on, pop that top, I like it ice cold, I drop it if it's hot
From New York City down to Little Rock, I said everybody grab a beer
Let's dance, I'm ready to play cause nothing feels better at the end of the day
The East Coast baby all the way to LA, I said everybody grab a beer
Grab a beer, come on

Well, if you're at the bar, many you know where you are, you grab a beer
And if you meet a girl better make it plural, grab two beers
And if she ain't that hot and they're all out of shots, grab a beer
And if she wants to be bad buddy grab a cab and some beers

Oh come on now, sing with me
I love cold beer
Ice it down, we're gonna drink it up
I love cold beer
I got a cooler full in the back of my truck
I love cold beer
You can drink it at home or down by the lake
I love cold beer
Oh, what's that they say? Less filling. Tastes great

Aw, toss me one now; it don't matter what kind
Beer over here, I said everybody grab a beer
Beer over here, everybody grab a beer
Toss a beer over here, everybody grab a beer
Mmm, what's your name? You need a beer? I got one to spare
Aw good thing I made it plural, everybody grab a beer

Dierks Bentley

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