Press lightly on me
It's been so long since I had that feeling
Unfamiliar territory
I forget what
What I can feel
I'm alone again
Loving myself again
Caught in the prison of solitary
Behind metal bars
Longing to see
Drifting down
There's no ground
Who will hold me?

Press lightly on me
I'm a stranger to touch
Touch me tenderly
It's all imaginary
When I open my eyes
The room seems empty
I'm alone again
Loving myself again
Dinner for one and a glass full of fun
I ask these four walls
If they hear me
There's no sound
I'm lost not found
Who will hold me?

I ask the dust
I look out the window
Can't find the answers
To what I don't know
Where will I find it?
What do I say?
Sit with me lovely just for a day
I'm alone again
Loving myself again
Sleepless nights
By candle light
Is this my dream?
I open my eyes
But this is too real
I'm still alone
My soul is stone
Who will hold me?
Who will hold me?

Is somebody out there?
I'm alone again
Won't you
Tell me won't you
Won't you press lightly on me

Paloma Faith

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