Verse 1 Drake : She Acted Like She never ben Mean before
Hanging around some girls I seen before all is It the time of the fall time of the ending when. is it begging The shit is important
You had yo own problems I kept saying well .... it was is

Hook D-40 : Are you going fo a walk im not sure not really
Preach on it preach on it are u going out for air im not sure when my feelings hurt who dont really care if she say,she do
I'll Ask Fo her to preach on it

Verse 1 D-40 : She was red looking all fine when we first met
If u want love forever if u telling the truth ill first bet so,she cry,still wet on the pillow had my eyes on love I had,to cry when she love I say why I can't find your heart why I can't find yo love years ago no attention fo me just beer and hoes I say
Why this gotta be me u still thinking about yo X He ain't thinking bout you text denied yo friend request on purpose
You right I heard it Did you reverse it things was going good
You let theese guys and these girls hate on put that dress
And tiara straight on man

Hook : Drake

Drake Verse 2 : This. Relationship going overdue I just do,what
Im pose to,do couple years since I've ben knowing you and he just gon keep blowing,you down of course these hating girl's
Gon start slowing you down not helping you off yo knees,just
Saving up when u bleed dey want you make money not not nice
Dey dont want you to see the,light understand

Hook : Drake /D-40

Tamar Braxton

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