Meek Mill

Ain't Me - Letra

Meek Mill (ft. Omelly)

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'Ain't Me' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Dreamchasers 3.


Alright lets be clear
They might of done a thing or two
But there track record in the streets is "Ain't Like Me"
They ain't me

Ain't me, ain't me, these pu*** ass niggas ain't me
Got a couple main hoes that I'm fuc*** round with
But this one bad bitch you can't see
And all my niggas get straight to the money, these stones all clear HD
And my DC chain shine bright, shine bright with my gold AP
Ain't me, ain't me, these pu*** ass niggas ain't me
Got a couple real niggas that I'm fuc*** round with
Can't come round a ni*** ain't see
And them bricks still sell them for the high
My ni*** in the drop top birds ain't cheap
These niggas still sell the work
Tell 'em work ain't that easy

Ain't me, ain't me, these pu*** ass niggas ain't me
These pu*** ass niggas can't come to my hood
Cause you pu*** ass niggas ain't me
I got all these shooters that's down for the cause
And they all get money like me
And, and I still ride around my hood
Quarter milli on a ni*** white tee
And yall niggas still hating on it, still hating on it
Talking what they gonna do to me
But I'm strapped up & I'm waiting on it
These niggas ain't built like that
These niggas get killed like that
Running 'round my name in their mouth
Banana clips get peeled like that
And they wonder why I feel like that
Cause every other month I make a mill like that
Took my whole family up out that hood
Set 'em all nice in the hills like that, shit real like that
You ain't gotta like my shit, paid for the flow, I don't write my shit
Better pray to God I don't like your bitch
Cause if she catch eye then she might get hit! Woah!

I'm a real ass ni*** and I've been like that
Day one and I ain't gone change
In the hood ni*** act a little different when I come through
Cause a ni*** got a little change
Little pu*** ass ni*** don't test no ni***
Cause if he do then its gone be flames
That 40 gone go bang bang
Them niggas might say my name
My young niggas got rollies on
Bitches got them Birkins on
My trigger finger been itchin'
My patients short, but my money long
Its levels to this shit for real
Boy I'm dream chasing tryna see a hundred M's
Got the plug on deck if I wanna go back
Put work in the trap what you know about that
Pillow talking to ya ho hating on a ni***
F*** around lose ya ho like that
Ain't me, ain't me, these rapping ass niggas, ain't me
Only f*** with real niggas like Meek (What up meek?)
You ain't CMG or DC

Ain't me, these pu*** ass niggas ain't me
Gettin' money my day ones you know we reppin' DC
Cousin dropped that bag on you, I kill you niggas for free
I got all this money on me, I got all these hundreds on me ho
Backin' up in this Panamera with some rich ass hoes
Started off with a quarter ounce, had to get that dough
Flip them, move circles on them like Tic Tac Toe
Hoes ready they fuc*** sucking on the get set go

I guess we can't tell you enough
What you do won't make you me
Truthfully some of you niggas need to get some sleep
Your dreams aren't manifesting correctly