Nebu Kiniza

Bonkers N Blown, Hoe What You On?
Hit Then I'm Gone, Leave Me Alone
Watching The Throne, Talk On The Phone
Get On My Grind, Get In My Zone
Ride On My Own, F*** Do You Mean?
I'm Sittin' On Vogues, I'm Pullin' Up Clean
Look Out For My Bro's, By Any Means
It Never Gets Old, We Chasing Our Dreams
Tired N Throwed, What Does It Mean
Tired: It's Hard To Find Time For The Sleep
Throwed: That Lean Is One Hell Of A Drink
I'm Ready To Blow, TNT
Vet Squad E.N.T., Southside P.S.C
And F*** Anybody Who Expect Me To Be Doing Anything Besides Just Being Me

I Mean All I Wanna Do Is Make It, You Know, Get A Lil Taste Of The Top
Ayo, All She Ever Do Is Get Naked, So She Gave Me A Taste Of The Top
Like Got Damn, I Done Caught My Groove
All A Nigga Needed Was A Beat By Smoove
When The Bass Drop Down, Ima Bust That Move
Then The High Hats Kick In, That's My Cue
What It Do? I Swear I'm Just Feeling Vibes
Sitting Outside, Wrote This In My Ride
Just For The Feature, Nebu Said Bring Reefer
I'm Bring My F.I.F.A., We Building A High
Sip & I Jive, Smoke & I Write
Pimpin' By Blood, Swang When I Drive
Took Off My Braces To Get Me A Grill
I Swear To God, I'm Just Livin' My Life
I Was Just Told Mr. Don Died
I Figured Out Two Years Later
He Use To Talk To Me Rollin' Down On Bethsaida
He Said Never Loose God's Favor
You Know, When You Tryna Get The Paper
One Thing: Just Remain Faithful
And He Always Seen Me Rockin' Them J's
But He Never Got To See Me As I Elevate To Gators

It Never Gets Old
Out On The Road, Rocking These Shows
Then Checking The Time, Like Where Did It Go
The Life That We Chose, I Swear It Just Never Gets Old
With All Of My Bros, Inside The Yo
Temp Fade, Rockin' The Fro
Getting This Dough, Then Blow It On Clothes
I Swear This Shit Never Gets Old

Dip Dipset, Bro Better Get Back
Don't Get Upset When You See A Nigga Set
I Ain't Even Started Yet, Tell Me What You Call That
I'ma Go Get That, Done With The Setbacks
Ion Even Care Bout When Its Kid Bedtime
All I Wanna Do Is Hard Grind
Yeah A Nigga Jumping ON That Star Line
Gotta Make It First To The Finish Line
Cali Kush Just To Ease My Pain, Pain
Meditate Just To Ease My Soul, Soul
Can't Wait No More, Yeah I Gotta Go, Go
I Made It Far & I'm Here To Stay, Stay
Aye, Loosen Up, Yeah That's What They Told Me
I Kept It True & Stayed Truly Hippy
F*** Who Not Me, Cause I Got Me
Making History, Feel My Agony
Real Lifestyle, No Fuckery
Yeah My Life Was Dirty, But My Soul Was Clean
Had To Be A Lil Different From The Wide Screen
Turn A Little To A Lot With A Small Dream
Aye Make It To The Top, Ain't No Stopping
Yeah Ima Get It, All The People Who Doubted Me
Yeah I'm Sure That They Got It
I Keep My Circle Divided Cause I Know They Still Plotting
I Got The Power Within Me & Ima Blow If You Try Me
F*** That, Hippy Shit I Run That
You Can Try To Imitate Me, You Can Never Duplicate It
Give Me The Best Of Everything, Yeah I Want It All
One Shot, Too Much Drive, Ima Use What I Got

What Are These Young Niggas Bout
I'm Treatin' Every Rapper Like A Test Tube
I Told Em, I'm The Hottest Nigga Out
I Can Even Start A Fire Rubbing Ice Cubes
Now That Deserves ?ooooohhsss? & ?aaaahhhhsss?
Ya Bitch See Dick & Go ?oooohhh?, Then ?aaaahhh?
That Mean A Hoe Will Open Up Wide, Just Because They All Know Who We Are
Coming Live From The Underground, Double XL Bound
With A Groovy Lil Sound
Southside Of The Map, West Side Of The Town
Came In The Game Unannounced
They Web Searchin' Me Now & I'm Surfin The Crowd
Had My Dick In Her Mouth & You Tonguing Her Down
On The Road To The Riches, You Left Out The Dream
I'll Be Damned If I'm Turning Around
See If D-Man Get The Loud, Ima Level It With Mid
Got Hoes In My Crib, Getting' Throwed Off A Swig
All This Dirty Money Coming, & I'm Tryna Keep My Hands Clean
But A Nigga Stay On Mud Like A Pig
You Know What I Did?
Found My Niche, I'm The Shit, Man It Is What It Is
Under Aged & I Still Got Booked For The Gig
And These Nigs Really Think They Can Kid With The Kid


Nebu Kiniza

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