Yo light it up cuz we tryna get high as fuck
Rose a frequent flyer with more hose/hoes than a firetruck
We buying up all the spirits until the gin is gone
On my high power, drinking growlers of La Fin Du Monde
Get on my summer time madness bagging the baddest bitch
We don't do baggage, above average the life of lavishness We fabrics this like Cashmere ain't had a bad year
Here's to summertime, drunken dimes drinking mad beers
Grab the nearest slut tell her Muk said it's a twerkathon
Come on hike up your skirt I want to see just what I'm working on
I've gone berserk, fuck work we're heading for the beach
I'm reaching to make it, get naked and you can take it deep
Embrace the beat, bake the beef, keep the stash royal
Boiled in the streets with heat flash burning the hash oil
With cash to spoil cuz at least we can still think free
I want to be a star, lifting the bar yelling drinks on me
The pink can be quite tasty if it's the right lady
Baby keep it tight cuz we gonna make the night crazy
Hazy lights to the sights of a nightclub
My buzz hit new heights, vibing to life on the right drug
I might bug but I'm a shrug doing my solo biz
Go gold like Acapulco I'm a show you what yolo is
Get loco kid cuz we go big or go home
In the zone watch for pigs, they'll split your wig if they show chrome
My flow hones, so I sit on a throne of melted mics
I'm tryna spit shit reflect the greatest feelings felt in life
I held it tight and I'm tryna ignite the night in flames
The fame I claim booms across the moon is where they write my name
That might explain why I came to be a looney-looney
And SUNY getting fooled, could probably get schooled by Umizoomi
I guess the puny gods got nothing for the Hulk smash
I'll drop shit in bulk with free dope for that broke ass
I smoke it fast, so on this pass
I slow the sound to crown you a summer, the least you can do is hold it down
Cuz Coal is bound to be found highly liquored up
Flip my flow like liquid, anything I spit is sick as fuck

"Wanna come to this party with me tonight? There's gonna be some pussy there, man.. drink some beers, get ripped and hopefully, get laid..we're gonna go to that party and get some pussy. I'm gonna fuck this bitch, I'm gonna fuck this bitch. I'll fuck anything that moves...Smoking weed, smoking weed, doing coke, drinking beers... Time to kick back, drink some beers and smoke some weed!"

Summertime smoke a bong in the sunshine
Dumb grind feeling fine when I combined
Fun time with a rhyming in mind state
Vibrates to a state that illuminates
Doing great, elevate til the session bump
No question destined for getting drunk
Blunts blessing, stretching my lungs for keef
The beach hunter, having fun in the summer heat
Deep wonder in the hunger for the magic nights
Bright city, shitty at a traffic light
Nice titties, privy to a pretty dime
Grime gritty, spitting on a city swine
I'm witty, pity if they lock me up
Who can stop me, bold as a cocky fuck
Just watch me moving at top speed
Weed got me grooving to a hot beat
Cop beating anyone with a violent clout
Run the island, no wonder we wildin out
Outstlying, dialing for 9-1-1
Dumb smiling, shin in the vibrant sun
The fun piling I been a fucking wreck
The next duty a Jacuzzi having drunken sex
The best truly fuel me with alcohol
There's no doubt run my mouth going out for all
I'm all out so I shout where the party at
So everybody move your body, I'm a sloppy cat
I rap Godly probably an anomaly
Why be ornery? life is just a comedy
I'm a be living just to turn it up
I stay flirting, certain I burn the dutch
I yearn to touch the heights of the highest rung
Stay climbing, shining like a rising sun
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