Nearly got me a next case
Had a 4 and a half, shot weight and it turned to a fed chase
I ain't tryna' stop this grind give a fuck what the met say
Bro put Star on road and Danny on street like pressplay
You can try beef man it don't matter
Get bread then invest in hammers
My tenants on the work with spanners
These 4 4 spins don't jam up
Anywhere my guys pull up, crash, dash, suttin got mash up
4 4 spin, 6 live corn leave every bone mash up
Got 6 in my heart
I was 6 from the start
Girls can't act prestige like they don't know gang when they know who we are
I ain't seen bro in long but I know he's good and he's somewhere far
Anywhere you see man, park, I'm just letting man know there's smoke in the car
Drill a man then it's back to the par

Free 1 shot kill, they can't stop them clocks
G money got gwap like tesco tills and corner shops
Bro put flathead ones in the 4's and man gone skrr and crash it at opp's
Big bells in that dot's, them bells are big as coming like Ross
Snoop's came home and he's back to the bando
Tracksuits, bank rolls and stuff
F*** a losses, nuttin to us man bring out the skengs and take all your grub
Chases, money, I can't get enough
And these feds wanna put me in cuffs
We fuck up this music ting and now all these girls wanna call me love
Feds tryna do me and put me in cuffs
I love the streets, I give my estate hug's
I love the beef when it season's up
Cos we fry it down with these things and stuff
We don't play no games at all
He got chinged, must of thought man's 4's
He got smoked when that 4 door pulled
He tried to run but he tripped and falled


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