Its the Yak
If you had some of the Hennessy you'd be doing this too (Fuck)
(Gang) Niggas chatting shit
F*** you know
F*** you feel like
Pull Up, Crash, Dash (Aight Aight)

Verse 1:
Trappers (Aight)
Everyday mans after the P's like nothing else matters (Trappin Trappin)
Hella toolbox with a 100 nails and 2 fat hammers (Skeng Skeng)
Rollers smoke with gang then I'm chilling with gang or go link up with the haters (Bitch)

I'm a trapper (Damn right)
50 shot thats a mazza
Crash that live watch everyone scatter (Bow)
Bro came fresh out the can that hostiles probation that mappa (Fuck)
Feeling a block where its hot where the mob and clip come long like a ladder (Long)

Really trynna turn me ghost (Dead)
The M10 ringing no votes (Skududu Bow)
I was out there doing ten toes
Trynna score goals I ain't hitting no post (No)
Like trynna put a face on a shirt (Shirt)
Like hit an opp boy where it hurts (Bow)
Got the 44 long and lurk (Lurky)
Somebody's getting seen by a nurse (Maud)

And lets not talk about grub (Bitch)
I got boxes of amm if you want that crack watch ? whip it all up
Watch my man slap that ? Jackets and top watch him rip it all up (Skududu Bow)
Dash 25 shots but 15 hits thats every ting mad (Skududu Bow)
Pray the pigs don't walk in the bando if they do that's everything plugged

This one for the riders (Riders)
Drillers and Knifers (Drillers)
My circle the tightest (Tightest)
Corn for the outsiders (Bow)
Set backs on minus (Nothing)
When you whip snow in a pyrex (Water Whippin)
Pots, Stoves and Lighters (Mad ting)
? to tips with drivers (Qway)

You don't really qway (I'm local)
In and out of council houses baiting out mans estate (Bait trappin)
Plus I whip out the four forty yam and send a young boy on his way (Whippin)
A nigga get paid everyday (Trappin)

Water with in the kitch' (Turn the tap on)
This 3-5's got a kick (Maud)
We do more than slide if you slip
I stuff more than 9 in this clip (Fill it)
Done for your life on this strip (Life)
There's an extra 5 if I miss (But I'm Not)
Trynna turn this 9 into a brick (Brick)
Then after slide in your bitch (Fuck Her)

Pullin up two cars deep (Skrrr)
5 Door hatchback and a jeep (Bow)
Two 44's ?
Close down anywhere on the streets (Anywhere)
This trap shit bringing in P (Bitch)
And we got our gun game on fleek (Fleek)
That's corn for the feds and an opp and anybody trynna block up on LD (Skududu Bow)

Gang, Gang
Gang shit
They don't use to be moving like..
Drillers, Drillers
They don't want us to be drillers
Free Skeng, Free Trap, Free Biggy
Niggas Know
The F*** You Feel Like Eh?
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