I don't want resistance
Put your hands in fire
Realise, realise energy
It's only meant to burn a while
All I want is justice
Put your hands in mine
You and I you and I energy
We're never meant to dignify
Was it dream was it dream energy?
The vision of a horror scene
I blame you for everything
You didn't even try to fight
Show your face my sweetness
Put your hand in fire
Make it right make it right energy
The punishment should fit the crime

Dinosaur museum day
Follow me through different wings
We were supposed to be the kings
But we were doing dope too much
Now we take jumbo jets
Fly above the hinterlands
German like Wellendorf
Well enough to paint a wharf
We made it baby gothic wooden churches
Vistas full of daisies
We can feel ourselves
Golden pendants poking through lapels
Sharp like a sweater vest
Together like we end in ?S'
A winter in Klindonia
I can't believe we were such a mess
Let's raise your glass and toast the plants
Hundreds of waving palms
Thousands of recorded psalms
Psalms that could have made us calm
Exotic like savannah cats
Socialites and social apps
Beautiful view of Carnes hill
Backstage and on the bill
Back when we were doing dope
Hide beneath the onion plant
Bags where the filters go
Wasn't making coffee though
I apologise for sloppy flow
But we back we return

We are recolouring

Sneaking through sister's purse
That was money for the water bill
Pretty endless perfect days
Sun kissed vacation caves
Weaves like the Lindis Pass
Foothill or mountain grass
They're large like a St. Bernard
A lover's kind warm regards
Winds along the coastal bluff
Push it along like tribe
Toasty family story time
Acoustic noise sound design
Swamp pop is Zydeco
Pterodactyl beak and claw
Films viewed in 3D
Popcorn in honey tea
German like the Audi FOX
Stash spot in dirty socks
Well above the hinterlands
In the sun like violet gems
I kiss like the lovers, cher
Vacation breeze sun hair
Everything seems perfect now
I guess I had to go there
Dinosaur museum chair
Jeepers we were acting rare
Sharp marble sloping stairs
Taking us to anywhere
As if we really cared
Dinosaur museum where
Double double triple dare
Yeah let's get out of here

Yeah let's get out of here
But we back, we return

We are recolouring

All I want is witness
Put your hands in fire
Make it right make it right energy
The light divides the brightest star
I don't want resistance
Put your hands in fire
Make it right make it right energy
The punishment should fit the crime

I am recolouring


Sufjan Stevens

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