During the past months a couple hidden characters have been revealed to me
They claim they support, so to speak up I didn't feel the need
But I noticed they're only supporting to get closer
Knives closer to my back, I'm awaiting stabs from a vulture
You start building a team and then bang it'll hit you
A little bit success causes way bigger issues
'Cause everybody got their own ideas, thinking differently
And now, me being skeptical is lack of humility
Like "you think you're always right, listen to others during a meeting."
Then I find myself working on something I do not believe in
If I disagree I'm closed minded?
No I just know what fucking got me here and that was my ideas with no cosigning
So independent I said I would not adjust
But it's hard to be confident when everyone implying my ideas are not enough
They think I'm naive when I ain't looking for help
Now that things are moving everyone's assuming I'm full of myself
I've been painted a fool
I've been playing it cool
But I still got confidence issues from being isolated in school
I get on stage, and I blow them all away then
I get off stage and I can't even hold a conversation
I hate it
And they're telling me to watch my ego
And I respond like "yeah man, I feel you man, I got you yo, you're my people."
Get the fuck out of my face. I got no one helping me
They don't want to see me humble, people just want to see me with a lower self-esteem


They wanna take my mind
They wanna breathe my breath
Everybody want a piece
Till no peace is left
They wanna control my actions
They wanna taint my soul
They wanna flaunt their power
Anything to get somebody independent with tremendous potential of growth and a talent to stop thinking on his own

I had a meeting in LA
It was sure my pleasure
He put a contract in front of me
For the first time ever
I had some questions
My manager had some concerns
When he saw that we were thinking for ourselves, he got offended, threatened my career and said that there is nothing I deserve
My stomach was in turns
Thinking that this is someone who work in the industry but they turned to my enemy
Like that person was in my reach, but I just inferred
From what he said, now that was a bridge I fucked around and burnt
But that was the plan
Make me feel guilty then ask for his hand
But in reality, if I had agreed he probably would have fucked me over and wouldn't give half of a damn
But now I understand
F*** the frauds and fuck the scams
F*** the grands you promise to throw me
F*** your plans, you want to control me
I see the greed in your eyes turning prominent slowly
And now I gotta look for the same within all of my homies. I know...


Now I'm looking at my circle
Wondering their motives
How many people jumped in
When the numbers starting growing?
Look at these new faces
A lot that I can tell
Most of them only starting talking to me when shit was getting serious so what is truly the reason they want to give me help?
Before any of this shit begun happening fast
Nobody gave a shit about me and mater of fact
Half the people smiling in my face used to be talking shit about a Jewish kid claiming he had a passion to rap
What happened to that?
Ordinarily I would've even care, let them help, if I appeal then were great
But when I'm granted the help, I don't handle it well 'cause I can't even tell all the real from the fake
But it ain't only them who be trying so bad to get to me
What do you do when your dudes from day one start acting differently?
Are they changing or is it just paranoia that's within me?
And now I gotta analyze everybody I call a friend
'Cause I feel like everybody breathing down my neck is looking for success that I haven't even gotten get




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