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Remember when I called you on the telephone
You were so far away
It was raining in New York, did I forget to say
It was later than I wanted it to be
On an early summer's night
The kind where you can't help but feel alive and free

And I told ya:
"From here on out, it's you and me"

Shouldn't we?
Should we be?
Should we be together?
For, like, ever girl?

We drove across the bridge and I knew that we'd be okay
On an early summer's day
No clouds up in the sky, did I forget to say
You'd been up all night before
I barely slept at all
It's the kind of thing that's sure to make you feel so small

And I asked ya:
"Did you remember that phone call?"

Do you think we should be together?
For ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

Don't you think we should be together?
For ever and ever...

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