The stars were shining brightly as the sun went down
There a magic feeling in the air and all around town
It’s time to meet the boy she loves who comes from Rome
Who smells of summer days and Hi Karate cologne
She held him for the first time on a Saturday Night
And took him by the hand and squeezed it tight, she said
There’s only one thing I wanna do with you
And I know what you want, cos I want it too
And we can do it all night...
Pogo pogo, hey my Italian boy
Pogo pogo, I’m gonna pogo with you
Pogo pogo, hey my Italian boy
Pogo pogo, I’m gonna pogo with you!
Inside the Sistine Chapel where the tourists go
Looking at the work of Michelangelo 
She’s happy taking pictures on her mobile phone
Of the boy she’ll lead tonight into The Pleasuredome
The first time she saw him outside The Colosseum
She knew in her heart he was the perfect human being
The first punk boy in Rome...
The first punk boy in Rome...
And he plays the bass guitar like Dee Dee Ramone
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