There's just so much about life that we ain't gon' ever understand
But me, give up on life? I'll be damned!
I travel through the lands and I sacrifice my stability
My relationship, my family, the gravity
That holds me down when I'm feeling suicidal
But underground hip hop is like my fucking bible
They tell me I'm an idol, enjoy my recitals
But you won't ever feel the pressure from doing what I do
Sitting writing lyrics thinking nothing's good enough
I try to write something inspirational but homie, growing up
That's all about I think about when I'm bumping instrumentals
My house is made of glass but it's hard to stay gentle
My mental stability is limited. They feeling me
The crowd screams for an encore but this depression's killing me
My ability to speak my mind
It's a gift and a curse and it's mine, oh, mine

So when I'm on the road I hope that you'll be thinking 'bout me
I hope that you can't even eat and you're sick without me
Cause that's how I feel when I'm with you
There's such little time and so much to do

See, the pressure from progression will surely teach you some lessons
I got questions about this profession
Should my happiness be second?
And my career first?
What should me the order?
I just don't know anymore. Shit's so distorted
I love my fans and I love the connections
It's a blessing knowing I'm helping people cause that was not my intention
I was just wenting, I was just seventeen
Tryna lace a fucking track up way out in the I.E
I would always be crying, writing lyrics everyday
'Bout my brothers up in juvy, and the shit I used to slang
And how my daddy moved away, and my momma beating me
And how I just don't wanna fucking live life so I stay
Banging on these streets and tagging my graffiti
See, five years ago, I ain't nobody wanna be me!
And now you bitches see me and now you bitches love me!
And now I'm eating steak, homie! F*** being hungry!

[Chorus x4]

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