Yes, I'm done forever, that's it, it's over
I think it's finally time for us to really push forward
These past few days have been feeling like a new beginning
Like I can finally express what I have been holding within me
It's like I'm me again, like I can breathe again
I really needed this
& please don't forget it baby
You're the one that wanted to call it quits
You chose this. You decided. You signed it
That's your writing so stand by it
& I tried to be open minded, but your drug abuse-
I just cannot vibe with
& you're never home- You stay hustling
I just can't do that
Obviously it's not working cuz of your work
So Imma chill & let you get back to that 
It's like I feel so alive and free
Oh, of course, now you wanna cry
You play the victim every time
See, I can't even express what's on my mind
Your energy is super dark and negative
& no offense
But I felt a huge weight off of my shoulders ever since the day we split
Stop belittling me, stop always blaming me
Why's it always my fault?
Yeah, I fucked you over in the past
But you gotta forgive me
& stop with the jealousy
But you can't- so I gotta move on
You know, every time I received a text, my heart dropped
Cuz I was afraid it was gon be you talking some kind of shit
Ain't that a sad thought?
That's how I've been living my life for some time
We're too alike
Both strong and opinionated
Honestly, I can't believe that I felt so restricted, entrapped
Matter of fact, I'm mad- At myself-
For letting it go for so long, letting it get so bad
For changing my essence someone. For forgetting who I was
I'm not blaming this all on you, I'm just expressing
I guess confessing
What I realized since you left me. Trust me- we gon be good
1 day I think we could even be homies
But, right now I just need my space, so
Please don't telephone me
We had a good run
We grew so much together
But it seems we've passed the peak
Now it's time we move on separately-
Cuz that's what's best for me
I'll always hold your name with respect and love
But, yes, this is the last time
Look, I gotta go now, but I promise you'll be fine
I'll see you around I guess. I just gotta say one last thing to ya
You're only dwelling on the past
Cuz you have doubts in the plans of the future

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