Whatever happens to those musicians that just fall off ?
Fall off the track and never find their way back
sitting upside down, thats why im never gonna lack
the skills that you need to succeed in this industry
with minuscule amounts i guarantee you're giving me
mas motivation, never limiting, lividity sits inside of me
slip n slide & spinning- we, are from another galaxy
a place youll never travel to
wound it up real tight so youll never unravel thru
the places i invade, me you will never trade
cuz you got nothing to offer & motha fuck an a grade
i stay paid, i stay laid, by the beautiful flowers
radiation left me with these unusual powers
it's like i was magnetized, the bullshit & the lies
come as no surprise, opened up my eyes
skilled enough to sever thru something youre sentimental to
never guarantee that ill glaldy be gentle to-
the bitches, the nobodys
who thought that they were so gotti
enough so that they stepped
to the places thay we rest. Took tha test
& now theyre diagnosed with post traumatic stress

think before you act out cuz every time bitches get smacked- doubt
i ever make exceptions. No second guessing when im tempted
i have no control of the rage that takes over when i play
& its not about the age, i'mma be like this forever
bitch, you can take me or leave me, believe your head will get severed
theres no way you can achieve the goals that you be setting
you're the one that they forgetting, constantly continue sweating, nobody attends your wedding
cuz you dont know how to party & youre uninteresting
tha fact that you're pathetic is the problem im adressing
blessing all the bitches, write the rythms & the riches-
coming slowly but surely & i send em out with ribbons
living life lonely but lavish. Nobody is ever gonna loan me my fucken habits
had it, lost i, left me exaughsted
& theres no amount of money that could cover what it costed


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