I ain't got no mothefuckin' friends
That's why I fucked your bitch
F*** you talkin' about a scandal, nigga?
The fuck you talkin' about, you lying ass nigga?
You tranny fuckin' ass nigga
Can't take you serious
I don't think anybody could

Nigga, this ain't no scandal
This is the truth that these niggas can't handle
TMI Gang, this is my mob
Your girl eat my dick like the corn on the cob
You a disloyal nigga that's why you left Lil Wayne
And when you got beef you wanna call The Game
That is some pussy ass ho ass shit
And when Tyga see me he gon' take a shit
Nigga, this ain't no game
I put a hundred bullets right through your brain
And the fact that your bitch cheated on you just tells me that you lame
Ask your bitch about my cocaine
She done snorted like ten bumps
And I fucked that pussy so damn hard
She was screamin', "Now that's enough"
Nigga, nigga, nigga, you don't want no problem
I'm a problem solver with my revolver
You leased a Ferrari for your bitch, nigga, that's a problem
Talkin' 'bout you got thirty mil
You was tryna fuck a nigga that is for real
And I dare you to throw them hands with Stitches
I'll put that blood in your grill
Who the fuck is Tyga?
You a lover boy, I'm a fighter
And you love that bitch, I one-night her
My dick in her pussy she got hyper
I'm a dope boy in a trap house
In a mansion, nigga, shittin' on your house
I fucked your bitch in a hotel
But next time it's in my trap house
You don't want a problem with me
I'm a real G, I'm a OG
And the only people that can help you
Is them fuck niggas they call police
I fucked your bitch and you hate me
I shoulda gave her a baby
And nigga this ain't no lie
This what I call that clarity

F*** nigga!
What the fuck you talkin' 'bout, fool?
You scary ass motherfucker
I fucked your bitch and that's it, nigga
You can hate me or you can like me, nigga
But it won't change the fact
That I came in that bitch's mouth
And you probably kissed her right after
Hahahahahaha, sucker
Hahahahahahaha, TMI Gang, fool!
Any rapper that want it can get it
I dare somebody to back him up

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