Young M.A.

'Levels (Freestyle)' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco M.A The Mixtape.


Yo it's levels to this shit, levels to this shit
Got a long trey pound, put that metal to his lip
A ni*** got quiet real quick
Cause he know my niggas start a riot real quick
I got your bitch with her top off
We in the coupe with the top off
And your bitch gave me top, lord
Get a nut then I drop her off
Cause she a thot, always give a ni*** top
She don't do it for the guap, she just do it cause I'm hot
And these pu*** ass niggas so quick to call the cops
5-0 ass ni***, y'all some ho ass niggas
These niggas never on my level
All red Porsche, looking like the devil
Hit 9-5, put the pedal to the metal
Since I got a lil money, all these bitches tryna settle
I don't love these hoes, I don't cuff these hoes
I don't trust these hoes, put the pu*** on her nose
There's levels to this clit
I'm so disrespectful but I don't give a shit
Redlyfe is the team, faded off lean
All we do is smoke loud, we don't f*** with that green
When you see that red beam, just know that's us ni***
Redlyfe, and we don't really trust niggas
I'm shitting on ‘em
Give me any beat, I'm spittin' on ‘em
And these niggas ain't up ‘cause I'm sittin' on ‘em
Money ain't shit ‘cause I get it often
Never broke, I got forever dough
And I don't ever brag but f*** it though
And if that ho ain't fuc*** then she gotta go
That just how it goes
Either it's fuc*** or you out the door, adios
I got a cold heart, I don't give a f***
I tell these bitches go down while I live it up
Man these hoes come to me, I don't pick ‘em up
But if that pu*** good, I'll pick her up
I bring her to the crib, I'll lift her up
If that pu*** clean, I'll lick it up
Posing with your bitch, middle finger up
Man these hoes be so quick to give it up
Cause I'm a pretty ass ni***, I steal women
And they don't be gay but they still with it
They be looking at me like yeah she a girl
But f*** it, she cute, she can still get it
Wrist looking like SpongeBob
Chain looking the Simpsons
Head looking Tweety Bird
Everything gold, that silver shit old
Fresh pair of J's, nobody got those
I'm a fly ass ni***, paid a stack for my clothes
Belt buckle hat, body full of tats
I'm addicted to the ink, I need it like crack
She got a pretty face, tell her put it in my lap
My seat went back and that was all she wrote
She ate the coochie up like that was all she know
She had her meal now it's time for her to go
Gotta go man