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I never really feel a thing I’m just kinda too froze
You were the only one that even kinda came close
I just pinch myself, no longer comatose
I woke up no luck, I woke up no luck And when your stich comes loose
I want to sleep on every piece of fuzz and stuffing that comes out of you
I took too many hits off this memory I need to come down

Another day goes by so hold me tight or don’t
Oh no this isn’t how our story ends, so hold me tight, or don’t
I got too high again when I realized I cant not be with you
Or be just your friend I love you to death but
I just cant pretend we were lovers first
Confidants but never friends were we ever friends?
Cause im past the limits
The distance between us, it sharpens me like a knife
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

Fall Out Boy
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