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Message From Mid-Bar


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Message From Mid-Bar

Hate will keep us together
Love will tear us apart
What has joined us in the dark

Oh I was worried
I would drive you away
You felt different
I felt the same

Then I told you
And you agreed
Some days I despise
Everyone I see
We're all swine
But you're all mine

What will keep us together?
Will tear us apart
Maybe making up your mind
Breaks your heart

Hate will save the dolphins
I wish there was a way
I could change it so nothing
would ever change or stay the same

All I can do is sing it for you
Whole lives go by
Then we die
You're all swine
Hell swine

Love will keep us together
Love will tear us apart
I don't care what the song says
It's not my heart

The point is things can always be worse
When you don't have a chorus
It's verse
After verse
After verse

Then I told you
In my arms
I hate you less
Than the rest
We're all swine
But you're all mine

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