Blissing Me

Blissing Me


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La canción 'Blissing Me' de Björk nos sumerge en un relato lleno de emociones y conexiones íntimas. Los versos nos transportan a un mundo donde dos amantes se comunican a través de la música, creando un lazo especial y profundo... seguir leyendo

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Blissing Me

All of my mouth was kissing him
Now, into the air, I am missing him
Is this excess texting a blessing?
Two music nerds obsessing

He reminds me of the love in me
I'm celebrating on a vibrancy
Sending each other MP3s
Falling in love to a song

This handsomest of wickermen
He asked if I could wait for him
Now, how many lightyears this interim
While I fall in love with his songs?

His hands are good in protecting me
Touching and caressing me
But would it be trespassing
Wanting him to be blissing me
Robbing him of his youth?

Cliffhanger like suspension
My longing has formed its own skeleton
Bridging the gap between singletons
Sending each others these songs

The interior of these melodies
Is perhaps where we are meant to be
Our physical union a fantasy
I just fell in love with a song

So, I reserve my own intimacies
I bundle them up in packages
My rawward longing far too visceral
Did I just fall in love with love?

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