Yo, I'm an independent director of whore
Call me Greg Nicotero how I specialize in gore
What's the storm when the pentagram is drawn on your door
It's ring around the Rosie, you're gonna die a bigger
Pussy captain Josie, oxycotton dosage
Will kick the body multiple sclerosis, don't betray the closet
I got heads like ID from Sheri Moon Zombie
She took my bloody clothes, them to John the beasts
The descendants economies to defecate in Bobby's
When they start to eat your skin you'll scream like Pavarotti
My attention tortures brutal when I Phi sect in your noodle
I'm not seen asteroid turn the lonely planet Pluto
Heads are rolling like a bowling ball ready to hit some pins
Open up your peepers and prepare for the syringe
Your lifestyle is a binge, you make the devil cringe
He'll pump you just like heavy iron in the golden ship
To pretend you with the gremlin while I saw you look like mangalam
Through the metal chain wipe your bloody brands are hanging
On the Usher, in the house so horoscope a plunger
He waits to hunger, but you hold the deadly number 666
It's written on your props or sliced up risk
Cinikill resurrection darkness with his fists
Protective aside your mind, to the bodies or recline
Grave robbing, every barrier with Dr. Frankenstein

Yo, Cinikill
Bluetex Destruction on the beat
What the fuck!!!



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