Gucci Gang Remix Lil Pump


Letra de la canción

Do me a favor and listen to my original shit
You fuckin' weirdos

Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang

I'mma hang a rapper by his shoestrings
Put him in the freezer
Tie his feet up with his due rag
You against me, it's like Wu Tang to 2 Chainz
Lupe to Snoop Drake
Cool J to Juice Mane
It's too late, I show up but you stay like you pay it
You too fake, I shoot back and knock out your toupee
I don't even like you and these rappers
So If I've seen them in the club I bet I'll shoot at them faster
Just to get up on my level I bet you need a ladder
Give me that beat and watch me go like them dudes in Atlanta
I ain't like this trap rapper always chewing up Xanax
In the booth and I'm rappin' drunk with a 2'6 of cappers
I do this I'm savage, you dudes hula hoopin' in sandals
When I'm hammered inside the Subaru
Uh, I'm losin' my balance
I got friends across the world
From Vancouver to Kansas
And you couldn't hack it up, I'll put your whole crew in the caskets
I do it effortless, I solve a Rubik's Cube while I'm at it
Blindfolded with a .22 shooting at randoms
I'm not joking, I'm heartbroken, I can't kill 'em all
I write a verse in 30 seconds and start having withdrawals
I got these backpackers mad that they can't be this raw
You got charged when you stole a KitKat from the mall
Give me a break
I feel like I'm gonna snap if they'll let me
I've been through hell so long
It's like I can't go to heaven
But I'm the teacher and you students
So get back at detention
And do your homework
I'mma have to actually dead you
I gotta chill the fuck out, maybe breathe for a second
They take a look at me like how is he not a freshman
Maybe it's 'cause I know how speak up a full sentence
When I was 13 I got a lethal injection
I'm on one, on two, three and four
You all suck, fuck you
You want beef, it's war
You mad, too bad
See me on tour
I heard that they want mine
Well, I tell 'em we want yours
I ain't even high and I'm an animal
You are not a rapper, you too high off of Adderall
Your braids too tight, so your mind's not compatible
I don't drink lean, I do fine with my alcohol
A hundred is the only I keep it stupid
I got bored, I ain't even really need to do this
F*** a remix, soon you can peep my new shit
Stompdown Killaz is the team and movement
Lil Pump, get your money, I ain't even mad
But if you get this taken down, I'mma beat your ass
Motherfucker, you should know by now
How do you get away with that
Bitch, I go all out
It's Big Merk

Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang


Letra añadida por: lirycker (#9)

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