flor (florsounds)

A digital (and not so digital) Reflection of Myself.

flor (florsounds)


OK. Yes. Technology is changing me.

I've become a more anxious and dependant person.

I cannot be withouth my cellphone and social networks are quite addictive to me.

I remember those days when I was a child and I used to play in the garden with my friend

and ride my bike with my brother

and walk with my mother on the lake.

That was some much fun.

But wait...

Am I not having fun now?

Am I not the same girl I used to be?

Yes. I am.

But I've changed.

For the worst? For the best?

Who knows...

But in a way, I've created another identity.

That identity that does not show my physical part.

That identity that, through a screen, shows my mind. My work. My personal ideas.

That identity that helps relate to many people, many places, many moments.

This identity that I have developed through time and that let me connect with my inner self as well as the rest of the world.

This identity that makes me a

A digital and non digital person.