Dip en español

[Verse 1: Cisco]
She always think she got a better option
I'm always looking for a better toxin
And I sell it to her cheap, just a little profit
So she always coming over for a new concoction
99 in the cup, she's gonna be a problem
She looking at me funny when I put my song's on
I'm trying to impress her, so I put my song's on
She heard eight bars, couldn't keep a damn thong on
Fuck, now I'm loaded at her hip
Holding back the bullets while she watching me unzip
She's just tryna get high, so she grabbed up on my dick
And asked if she could get a free bag of my shit
So I bit her on the lip and I told a girl to dip

[Bridge 1: Cisco]
What shit?
No I don't know anything about your shit
Grab your purse

[Hook(x2): Cisco and Jeremy Zucker]
I told a ho "Dip, get the f*** out
I don't need you running that shit in my house
Don't you try to pet my ego and run your damn mouth
Cause you can't play me with a lick and a pout."

[Verse 2: Cisco]
You always looking for the potent
Potent flows close wherever my damn phone is
Hoes got nice throats, don't loose my damn focus
Poltergeist bitch, you best get to ghosting
Next you gonna claim the Trojan got broken
And me and your baby got the same noses
Bare in the midriff, striking those poses
Ass in the door get hit when it closes
And I don't give a f*** how fine you are
I look out for me and mine and that's all
And someday the spineless all are gonna fall
While the fam dip out over all of y'all
Just dip

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3: Cisco]
And I don't give a f*** how fine you are
I appreciate you coming without wearing a bra
But if you'd just do me a favor
Put those panties back on and
Dip the f*** out before your face meets a wall
And I don't give a f*** how fine you are
Get your grubby ass hand the f*** out my drawer
And your other grubby hand the f*** out my draws
God damn it! (Jesus Christ!)

[Hook (x2)]

Cause I've got too much love to give (yeah) (x6)