Jack White

When I was young
I went into an abandoned house
In one of the rooms
I found an old piano
I didn't know how to play piano
So I just fumbled across the keys
Pressed the pedals down
I sat there for hours
Trying to understand how to
Construct a melody
My brain to my finger tips
And after a while
I hit three notes together
At the same time

I've been walking down by the river
For hours
Past sailors, that have
Less tattoos than the average teenager
There's a man fishing
And selling what he catches
A dollar a head
I've been sitting near him
For a long time now
And he's yet to look over
I have a strange feeling
That I know this man
That it's me
I think it's me

Wherever you go in the world you'll find
That in the bible it says someone who works with their hands
A carpenter, a pot maker, a brick layer
Someone who works with their hands
It's seems no matter how far the human race progresses
No matter how computerized, robotic, digital everything becomes around us
Not too far away there is somebody working with their hands

Feeling distorted
Brick by brick by brick
A box containing another box
Upheaval in a pond as large as the world
And a leaf that falls for infinity
It never lands
Across the country
Stones, soil, trees – all humming
The exact same frequency
The exact same frequency

It's 97 degrees out
The humidity is so thick
It's like drinking a glass of water
Every time I take a breath
I'm standing on this mound of dirt
Cracking the bones in my fingers one by one
I'm staring at him
Wondering what he's thinking
Is this the end or the beginning?
Will I be able to make it out alive?
And then
I slowly release the ball from my hand
And it travels toward him

It's Sunday Morning
And I have that same feeling I've had every Sunday
For my entire life
It's as if I have been woken up by whispers
The whispering of voices, all around me
I can't make out what they are saying
Some people would call it ghosts
Or some kind of hallucination
I don't know what I'm supposed to call it
But I've never told anybody about that

Theres a distant hum coming from the clouds
Just from the other side of the ridge
Nobody knows the source of the hum
And the frequency is enough to
Rattle anything stationary
Entire town feels like it has been cursed
The hum won't go away
People say they remember the hum
From their childhoods and they say
The hum has always been there
And never gone away

Let's try it
Let's try it

Can you hear me now?
Am I invisible to you?
Out of the blue now
Out of the blue now
Can you hear me now?
Am I invisible to you?
Get in the mind shaft

Can it be? Can it be?
Can it be? Can it be?
Ah, ah, ah, ah

Can you hear me now?
Get in the mind shaft
Get in the mind shaft
Am I invisible to you?
Come inside
Come inside
Can you hear me now?
Deep inside me, now

Ah, ah, ah, ah

Get in the mind shaft
Can you hear me now?


Letra añadida por: ChamLee

Jack White
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