Letra de la canción

Now, our operation is small, but there is a lotta potential for aggressive expansion. So, which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team?
Oh, there's only one spot open right now, so we're gonna have ... tryouts

Bet I hit a back stroke, on your muthafuckin' bitch
And you know dis nigga, but you ain't doin' shit
Yet, you feedin' false lies with your fake ass tits
Dick her down real good, now she run into her friends
Like the bitch got the shit
Expose a fuck nigga to the core
Niggas got the iron like Thor
Then I wonder how it fit in a drawer
You 'ddicted to the money, now you want more
Now you start robbin' couple stores
'Til you get caught, now you sold a lil' hoe cause you ain't that smart, fuck
Hump me a thot, cause they lovin' for me
Too busy in the streets with my muthafuckin' heat
Yeah, you speakin' in tongues, I don't talk to cop niggas
You throwin' them L's, but you went from broad niggas
Stop posin' like you on a magazine, cover double X L
Black tea when he's flashin'
We put the molly in the water, now the bitch
Acting geeked
Gettin' naked on the gram, 'cause her pictures got leaked
Put a couple pints in the Fanta
You could say that shit got bleached
Oh shit got real when my pops caught a stroke
Try to warn a nigga but I wasn't with the shit
Had to block a fuck nigga out, call that shit AdBlock
Every day, Friday, sold 'em trap, doin' state lock
Especially from them cops
Paranoia shootin' niggas, Polaroid, she lovin' suckin' me
Call that bitch a carnivore, pass it to my nigga X, so he tell you how it goes

(Ay, X, boy, tell them niggas how it go, bruh)

Huh, pull up and skeet on a bitch (on a bitch)
Pass the molly, make me eat on her clit
Like an actor, make a scene on the shit
Ándale, ándale, ándale
Eat her booty like fender bender
Run up on 'em with a dream pipe
They say that she Dirty Dan, baby
Hold me when a bitch not acting like
When I get down, I'm like give her the key
I was surely fucking running the pain
All of my niggas is licensed to shoot
If you act a pussy boy, you running the bane
Free brand jacket, D-side money
And tell them ass bitches, and a nigga know nothin'
I ain't with to fucking talkin'
Better slap me when you see me
And time for a pussy tell a fuck nigga "run up"


Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

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