Letra de la canción

I'ma get this money by myself
I'ma get this money by myself
I'ma rob a nigga for his wealth
I'ma get this money by myself

I'ma get this money by myself
I can't smoke no mid
I be smokin' up the shelf
Bitch I'm servin' gas like the motherfucking Shell
38 on me and that bitch gon leave no shells
Rack it up, Stack it up, Count it up
Drinkin' the lean out a double cup
I dropped a xan in my double cup
Only lil bitches gon knuckle up
My niggas is shooters no fight
Light that bitch up like a lighter
I don't tell no talk I'm no liar
Niggas rap more then a cypher
Ain't talkin' money then shut it up
Don't need no bitch, I just double up
Got me a check and I run it up
Told her to shut it up, fuck it up
I can see it in your face you envy me
Wanna hate me, Wanna break me, It don't get to me
Cause I be countin' money while I watch TV
I can see it in your face you niggas envy me
Niggas goin' broke cause they shoppin' on a pussy
I ball like D Rose when a rookie

Voot up, voot up, bitch want my dick
Pop that pussy like a zit
F*** do you mean
I am mean?, suck my dick yea
Stay with that Glock
Ima run from the ops
You see a shot
Glock on me, that's the cops
Stop it, ay
Gothic, ay
I rip the head off the prophet, hey
I need a club full of knockers, hey
Empty that bitch it ain't nothing, hey
Fuc*** a, bumping, hey
I put his mouth on the carpet, hey
Step on his head and then perf it, hey
Hope that shit dubbing was worth it, hey
Duffel bag
Think a nigga need a duffel bag
You park, your boy
You duck your bitch
Punch yourself
Then your niggas wanna punch ya, son
Then I grab the gun
Extend the clip
Pussy, boy
You're bleeding like a pussy, boy
You need a pack
You need a pic

Ay pipe up man
Turn up turn up


Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

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