Letra de la canción

Who the fuck
[?], come in
But my niggas is moving
I'm pulling, she sucking and fucking
I'm busting it just like a groupie
She sucking it sloppy, aye
Nigga don't want no stress
Nigga don't want no coke
Nigga don't wanna talk gang money
Itty bitty nigga wanna pull up on a nigga
Let the shit go bang, bang
I'm aiming it straight for your brain
A few of my niggas that fuck with the figures
That pull up with guns and just slay
Xanny clouds make her aroused
She wanna pop an Adderall
Put her on the Molly
"You can fuck my [?]"
Get it Jah

Fake hoe, snake hoe
Mad 'cause my case closed
Put me in a cape, and I still won't fucking save a hoe
Captain save a hoe, you a captain save a hoe
Captain save a hoe, you a captain save a hoe

Bad bitch, I did that
Bape stuff, I bought that
Foreign whip, I skrt that
[?], shits platinum
Big dick, she hate that
Too black for a face tat
F*** the jaw and the neck crack
Baby ziLLA, top map
Stepped on you with the whole map
My lap, she sat
Sucked me up, then I booled back
Next day, I ain't call her back
So my [?] so my soul is black
Look in my eyes, you ain't coming back
She a hoe, she ain't coming back

Yeah boy


Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

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