Letra de la canción

Fuck life, fuck feelings
Smoke propane
Pussy fuck at the crib
I can't feel pain
Black heart, black lungs, black boot stain
There's a snake in my boot
I can't feel, aye
Gnaw flesh, yeah
Like my pussy's wet, yeah
Grip right with the tec, yeah
You might need a vest, aye
FTP my chest, yeah
She seen my arrest, yeah
She think that I'm viral, yeah

This bitch would like to have sex

Aye, pull up on the block, aye, yuh (what's that?)
Lil' bitch this a Glock, aye, yuh
It's got bad, my eyes on my broad, aye, yuh
Get it up
Heard you shop at Ross, aye, yuh
What's that?

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

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