Lil pump diss track! (xxxtentacion is more savage) - XXXTENTACION

Lil pump diss track! (xxxtentacion is more savage)


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'Lil pump diss track! (xxxtentacion is more savage)'

I didn't wanna have to do this
But i guess i got to
You just spit at my mans
I f*** wit you pump
I really do
Time for me to end your carrer
(skrt srkt)
(one carrer) x2

I got designer from head to my toe
I got white bitches and they white as snow
Why do you look like you 30 years old?
Nigga what the f*** you is 16 years old
You on the molly?
You on the bean?
Shut yo ass up boy
You is only sixteen
Talking all day about sippin on lean
Go back to the tenth grade boy f*** do you mean
Lil Pump a bitch
He not gettin richer
You came to my city
I fuc*** on your sister
You lied about Rari's
You said you had 5
Lil Pump, Im sorry, you can't even drive
Whats Worse?
Your bars or your hair?
They're both wack
And OMG bro, I swear you think you black
Yo, bro, your not as big as you think
Your really 5'7 and your nails are pink
Gun in your mouth, boy you is lame
You thought it was cool but it really was gay
You always with Smokepurpp
Get off his dick
You all on his (nuts), probably just wanna lick
Your hair look like it stink, it's nasty as hell
Salty cuz you ain't make double XL (XXL)
You always talkin bout' trying to flex
Everyone knows you just wanna be X
Look at me
F*** on me
You always tryna, copy me
I swear you a bitch get your own swag
Lil pump my son
Nigga im your dad
{Chorus Kings Kommentary}
Lil Pump, Lil Pump
You dumber than, forest gump
You look old as shit, like donald trump
And yo girl just sucked on my lil pump
(yea i like it right there man)
(Ayy haha Lil Pump)
(I f*** wit you lil pump but you can't just spit at my mans and get away with it)
(you feel me)
(somebody gotta check you)
(that person is me and im not scared nigga)


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Lil pump diss track! (xxxtentacion is more savage)



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