Off White

Off White

Lil Mosey


Off White Letra

Off white, off white what I'm tryna rock
You right you right yeah too much sauce
Come round my way, you gon catch a loss
You gon, you gon, you gon catch a loss

Off white what I'm tryna rock
I got lost in they sauce now you, now you, now you, now you just in my sauce
Uhh im feelin just like kobe
I can't go around cuz everybodys gonna know me
Don't come frontin cuz nigga you ain't my homie
I need a real one in my life
I need a couple chains of Ice
This music thang goin so i ain't gotta steal my ice
That's my diamonds, I'm just rhymin
I don't need no hand outs
Imma do this wit my team, you know we gon stand out

See I got 20s and 50s
You think I'm ballin right now a nigga ain't rich
I'm bout it tho I'm really bout yo I do this really do this dough
I do it fo my fam mainly my momma though
See I'm gone hit a lick
Sive it to my momma so, so she can buy a brand new crib
Up at the top like a show
And you already know I'm gon be so known
I can't even go to the sto, but I'm bein patient
While these niggas hatin, you ain't stopin me
You just sparkin the mind of Lathan
I do this every moment
Ain't no time for wastin

I just wanna flex I just wanna get this money
I just want the bread give a fuck about no honey
Who you think is next I just know that I'm gon be big
Stackin a mil rockin a grill, chillin until, I blow up
Niggas claim the been around since the Juno
But they sleepin on you till you show them hater up
Yeah once you just blow up, '
They want to ride the wave
But I just let them be a fan they can't come and hang


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OFF WHITE es una canción de Lil Mosey que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco NorthsBest (Mixtape). Agradecemos a voicemen por haber sudido la letra de Off White.