Kevin Ray

Letra de la canción

Kevin at the kitchen table
short of breath, legally disabled
wife walks in she's so surprised
so dissapointed i'm still alive
i say i'm hungry for biscuits and gravy
but patty melts that you always made me
and i can't eat them, anymore
Chorus 1:
they say greese kills, taste good to me
day in, day out, it's all i eat
a third by-pass, unclog the bile
just to clog them again
never felt worst, a constant thirst
lordy how my mouth dun hurts
i blame my job, i blame my wife
for this coronary life

kevin on the e.r. table
my vital signs ain't too stable
hey doc, i'm proud of you
i didn't think that i'd pull through
and later in intensive care
i have the nurses laughing there
so thankful blue-cross will pay
Chorus 2:
for the pills, my iv's
a thousand dollar e.k.g
and that's the last
time i'll need angioplasty
it's off i go, too tae-boe
to improve my cardio
guess 'bout time i said goodbye
to my coronary life
Sweat pourin' off me at the health spa
that old stair master wore me out again
you know i can't believe how much i've missed
the way i used to live
Chorus 3:
i'd eat red meat
pickled pigs feet
always craving something sweet
my food was fast
but that's the past
i can't eat them again
arobicize, reduce my thighs
no more german chocolate pies
i miss my fudge, i miss my pies
and my coronary life


Kevin Ray
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