Canción 'Chill' interpretada por Cronos

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CHILL es una canción de Cronos del año 2016.



Point Side
Ahh man
Point Side

And she just wanna ride around the city with the top down, told her we can do that
See them boys looking at her hard they like "who that?
Who that riding with him yo she bad"
And I be looking back at 'em, tell her "damn he mad"
He mad that I got you, he said that he want you
She said "he a cornball baby but not you"
I said "you ain't gotta tell me nothing cause I know"
Every time my baby step out it feel like a fashion show
Cameras clicking everywhere that we go, but I know 'cause she a model
She the type to make me wanna buy every bottle
Her curves got me going full speed I ain't letting off the throttle
She gave me her number I'ma call you
This is what you want, I know this is what you need
She don't even want nothing from me
I told her all I'm looking for is your loyalty
You can gimme some of you and I'll give you all of me

Baby I just wanna chill
You know maybe I can slide through, roll up on you, pick you up or something
I just wanna chill
Or we can just stay back at your place, & I can roll up something
If what we have turns into something real
I mean I ain't trying to rush you or nothing, I just enjoy your company
Then let it happen baby I just wanna chill
You know, let's get to know each other

(Verse 2)
She make the winter nights a bit warmer
I love having her next to me when I hold her
& she a bit cold when she give me the shoulder
But I cry on it, never lie on it, baby I'm on it
Give you everything I could offer cause baby I want it
& I ain't mad if you got it baby then flaunt it
Brighter than the sun, peaceful as the moon
& it all makes sense when we enter my room
I be tripping, why you leaving so soon?
Oh yeah you gotta make this money baby, you independent you ain't ever lazy
It's kinda crazy just seeing where you would take me
Love beyond the stars, we history in the making
Look at how you made me, you changed my life
Shoot I'm tryna change your last name to make you my wife
And I ain't rushing girl you know what's the deal
It all started with a call like "wassup can we chill?"

Yeah I just wanted to chill
I mean it's a Friday night, I got some netflix, I could order some pizza
Yeah I just wanted to chill
You and I, we not really the club-type of people, so..
& what we have I know that this is forreal
I mean I'm just saying, I'm just glad you picked up that phone call
I'm so glad that we just go to chill
You can just be my lady, and we can just go from there, you know what I'm saying?