Canción 'No Gimmicks' interpretada por Cronos

No Gimmicks Letra y Canción


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NO GIMMICKS es una canción de Cronos del año 2014.


'No Gimmicks'

Ey Yo it's Cronos a writing enlightened titan
The day is getting so exciting
When the purple gets ignited
Lighting up the western ways
Fighting for a better day
I'm killing all these beats so bow your heads let's all pray..
But it's in my DNA to leave beat's slayed
A wold in sheeps clothing, i'm a beast with shades
But what i mean to say
I've been released from Tartarus
Stone is not as hard as this
Im living proof that God exists
Among the people
I'm here to bring change cuz these lies
Are so deceitful
Cronos left once, & now im back for a sequel!
Shit, you'll build a steeple
High above the clouds call it Mt. Olympus
Watch the way i spit this
You'll realize I ain't a gimmick
Honestly I'm pretty much the realest
In my own sense, on the thrown since
I realized it was mine
Wrote a couple lines
And rehearsed a few times
Now I Shine when the mic is mine
I'm freestyling all the time
Just so i can ease my mind X4
Just so i can ease my mind-
Just so i can ease my mind
I recline
Defining all my rhymes
Plus I'm staying steady on my grind
There's no path I gotta find
I just make it as i go
So welcome to my show
It is Alejandro
Refer me as Cronos cuz you'll ask where'd the time go
I know
I'm writing wicked verses so my fingers hurting but i know i still gotta get heard
So I stay ahead of the curve
Hitting to learn
Plus im always itching to burn
Flippin the earn
Hold an flip cuz its my turn
My turn to have the world in my palms...
Cuz currently the currency is becoming "shin plaster"
Large amounts of money end up going to these rappers
They buy bling after
Or "we" become actors
The main thing money plays the key factor
To drive us like reactors.. machines
Schemed in falsified dreams
I'm still asleep but rather than count the sheep
I've lead them
Mane extends from my brain to create a weapon
Aryans chose this earth to be cursed
So to escape the demons i became holy through a verse
Exposing all the lies of the church
It's the lyrical monk going on his great crusades
Step to me you'll meet your fate with two blades, touche
Hard hitter call me Bobby Bouche!

Now I Shine when the mic is mine
I'm freestyling all the time
Just so i can ease my mind X4
Just so i can ease my mind-

Copyright 2014 © Alejandro Roman "Cronos"