'Black Magic' de Trippie Redd

Black Magic

Trippie Redd

'Black Magic' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco TR666+!$ 1400/800.


[Intro: Trippie Redd & Wiz Khalifa]
A hit, good one Richard
Huh yeah, yeah, yeah

Ayy, woke up one day like f*** it
I feel like turning nothing into something
Get to sliding on these niggas in a bucket
Roll down the window on these niggas, get to dumping (dump)

I don’t f*** with these niggas, Uncle Ruckus
I just retaliate, f*** repercussions, I’m stunting
Lil ni*** on a pistol, I’m clutching, yeah (fuck it)
Lil ni*** know he on a different bracket

My money stretch long, bitch, Mr. Fantastic (yeah)
Known to pull up, ni***, if its static
Roll down the window, ni***, get to clapping (boom)
Yeah, catch your pu*** ass out in traffic

You lil niggas always mo’fucking lackin’ (know we slide)
Slackin’, yeah, been fire like a dragon
Flying carpets in this bitch, ni*** like Aladdin, huh
This a Persian rug, and we drunk in love, lets do fuc*** drugs, yeah

Put my love above, boolin’ with the thugs, diamonds in my slugs (Uh, bitch)
Sippin’ on that deuce, aye, uh
Shawty do whatever I do say, uh
Big flexing with your boo thang, uh

Yeah I switch cars like my mood swings, woah
I need a whole lotta cash, need a whole lotta cash (I need some money)
I need a whole lotta racks, I need a whole lotta racks
Yeeaah, I need a whole lotta cash, I need a whole lotta cash, uh

Switch cars like my mood swings, hoping that a ni*** don’t crash
Yeah, but Ima still do the dash, leave a pu*** ass ni*** in the past
Sonning niggas I’m your dad
Now go tell people where you got your swag

You know where you got it from ni***
You got it from, uh
Big 14, know what the f*** goin’ on
Lil, lil bitch
Now I’m done

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