'Music's Worth It' de Play-N-Skillz (The Process)

Music's Worth It



Oh this is so real right here man. Play-N-Skillz I'm in the booth I'm
Rapping Skillz is rapping ha ha ha it was worth it man for real. The Process

Just because the pen won't show
It doesn't mean that you're alone
Cause I've been through a lot that I don't know
That is even worth It
And if I make it you should know
That I made it on my over own
Now I'm on the radio
I guess this music's worth it
I can see that you wish you could be me
I can see that you wish you could be me

The year's 1998
Me and my brother a couple of crates
Two latinos Two brothers from that lone star state
I got the music with a dream

For the cream got to go and get it
I'm in the game there's ain't no way I'm going to forfeit
I reminisce passing flyers I had to pay my dues
And now I'm on the same flyers cause I paid my dues
It's 2001 when I start to make my run
I got the music know it's hot, but I'm lacking funds
I need a hand maybe 2 give me the whole body
And who believe very few if anybody
My momma and pops broke, my girl got into my own body
But now the stuck with a nobody

Everytime I wake up
I'm thanking god I'm caked up
Ya'll never had no faith in us
5 stations playing us
Same City ain't that pretty
Wasn't Easy never greedy
All about the bucks and now y'all goin' see me
Don't give a f*** if ya'll believe me
I was behind the scenes
But now it's more creme
It wasn't plan to be
But now we plan to be
The next producing duo
Just like a game of uno
We the last ones left
You better catch your breath huu... (deep inhale)
At times I wanted to quit
But Play would give me shit
He said I had a gift
And now it makes sense
I kept my sleep in brain
I really did complain
Even though I'm getting fame
Ya'll know I won't change

Yeah Play-N-Skillz this is The Process baby
Yeah Dallas, Texas 2-1-4
You know I go to shout out and thank everybody
Who helped Play-N-Skillz believed in them
The G4 Family what up boss, all our fans
Big D latium entertainment
Charles Chavez, radio stations, Universal Records
Rest in peace Mike D and all the fans


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