I line up, inhale spit
I love that white shit
Even more after every single hit
No regrets, not even one bit
I've seen you out here looking quite dangerous
Slowly like you're trying to endanger us
My boy Flav already saying it's flavorous
I'd say you're going for something to fuc*** plagiarize
I'm always finding the situation that puts in more work
I end up lookin' like the asshole or the jerk
With the attempt to end with a fuc*** smirk
I always get the sensation to fuckin' irk

Realization of super energized thought
What's in this cocaine that I just bought
I'm on a whole 'nother god damn level
I hear these bitches mad, build my own god damn temple
F*** that, I'm building several
Build my ego 'til I look fuc*** mental
Motherfucker, I'm fine if you don't pay me
Girl you like? I'll f*** her until the casings
I'm completely bind to this code, I'm not fuc*** lazy
Hard in from behind like I'm pacing
I have girls on the side, call me Tiger Woods
All your texts are lies, acting like you own the hoods
Fake Gucci you gotta hide, you stole the goods
Retard, you need to die, you're fake like Hollywood

Pot smoking motherfuc***, like Michael Phelps
Cough choking, fat blubber, you need some help?
Annoyance provoking, vein cutter, just go to hell
You think I'm joking? Did I stutter? You can't even get your dick felt
My body count higher than some of these dudes' IQ's
My ecclesiastical attire is used by my air crew
My decisions prior are the only things that flew
Now, there's only a choir singing about my real crew
I am the Apex Predator of the male hierarchy scale
They're busy chasing the tail that I made wail
Like a train off the rail, quicker than Gareth Bale
Guess y'all failed, cause this boat's fuc*** sailed
Let me leave you be, there's no need to worry
Not much time, you might need to hurry
Oh boy, can't you see? You need to scurry
The only thing you hit are 3's, call you Steph Curry

Plans on plans on plans
Oh man, I got this shit exploding like Pakistan
I'm running this track like a Mexican
God damn
We up in this shit, like a fat ass asian boy
Packed up like we about to take down Troy
Call me part "what?" call me School Boy
I'm crashing this shit, 'cause its about to be destroyed
8 Ball gone in less than one week
It makes me feel like I'm fuc*** elite
Aggressive behavior caused by high testosterone
Inflamed throat and lungs makes my voice monotone

A lot of lines
A nose like vacuum
Turn up the music to fuc*** distract you
No need for H like Frank Lucas
Just imagine all that value

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