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So lemme start off by saying
I ain't healthy
But could you help me
Nah never
Never getting the, happy feelings back
Nigga f*** your tracks
Nigga f*** your plaques
Anybody tell me shit then it's off with their heads
Had to get a little cancerous
Stolen this shit from frank, george, pink guy what ever we call him next
Mental health not in it's best
State your purpose state your claims
I ain't never claimed shit except I'm at least decent in this game
These motherfuck*** better know my name
F*** tryna get the fame
If it means being the dam same
I can't quite confide, if you haven't noticed I'm not quite sane
But you quite lame
Saying the same thing again and again
Like how many times can you tell us bout your bitches and your money
Or use different adjectives to tell us how you stunting
But you getting paid huh, so I guess you the king shit
But half you religious so imma throw it in your face Jesus' legacy didn't have a pretty penny bitch
So where do you place yourself on the spectrum
Lyrics coming out the rectum
Along with the boujee shit you dining on
Boom there's another fucken song

Dear suicide
Let's have a ride
My worthy bride
Accompany me through the west side

I find it really odd
These morals you say are sent by your god
We'd get stabbed then be judged for bleeding
Guess we never leaving
Ignorance behind
Ignorance is all I find
If I end it all then I end it all
That's me never having to feel shit again not that I'd say I feel much now
I'd like to make you all proud
But a wish don't mean shit
Knife in your hand watch the wrists itch
You're gonna feel alone if you don't act happy
Gonna feel outcasted til you let that shit build you a family
Condescending to all you mellow dramatics
That shit ain't even worth the panic
Attacks man I can't even handle it!

(Dear suicide
Let's have a ride
My worthy bride
Accompany me through the west side)

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