Rain by Janeia Francesca

H.E.R. (ft. Paul McCartney)


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Standing on the rain and so
Much wet like a pain on my heart thank you
And where do I begin to start
Cold on darkness and wet in a day and night
Today I don't want to stand alone at the right path
It is such a shame for me to see the rain
Pouring down through the land
With a candy on my mouth with a brand
You see what you have done to me
Seven reasons why am I standing here
And cry without no season
Out here no more love and no more crying
Because you hurt us without lying
In the time goes by rain will start again
Keep yourself dry and through
Until you try in sun will shine tomorrow from
The start will you ever without mine
From now on I want to be by my own
Know what to say that and blown by the wind
Together as one because I miss you so
Much don't forget me with lined
However I am getting sick here just
Help me with a crick on
My hand you never know what to do with
This it's to late for you to have me
That's all having me
I will held myself throughout just fly
Alone in the sky and dry myself through sun
Without you this is perfect for me
Time to move on now from me to
You me and myself will be together forever
Until you came to me and disappeared like a bubbles
When I give up on you with troubles
Wherever I go don't ever follow me through
Light from the sky
And the second chance to regret it
Tomorrow will die

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