Canción 'Milestones' interpretada por Sinead O'Connor

Milestones Letra y Canción

Sinead O'Connor

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MILESTONES es una canción de Sinead O'Connor.



I crawled through the forest of Tennessee
All on my hands and knees
Not seeing the wood for the trees
Till I got to Los Angeles
First thing that I learned at the juncture
Evil is not my true nature
So, even though you drove me to terror
I don't have to be that her
I don't have to be that she
This is where I get to be me
This is where you don't get to make me
This is where you don't get to create me

I slept outside in the dog shed
Because you wouldn't let me keep my ipad
I've had less rights as a woman, then the dog is my eternal form
And it remains the same, yes it remains the same
Let's start with the name
You can shove it where you keep all your pain

I drove through the graveyards of Texas
Of which there are still black and white ones
What a thing to happen i the nation
Even in death, segregation
One day we'll sit with our maker
Discuss over biscuits and soda
Which one of you and me was braver
Which one of us was a true soldier?