Faces On Film de Jacob Whitesides

Broke Billionaire Letra

Jacob Whitesides


'Broke Billionaire'

I'd rather be broke here with you
Than flying on a jet made of gold
I'd rather have holes in my shoes
Than grow old without you

I'd rather be rich in your arms
Than be another bitch in the sports car
I'd rather go haunted by candlelight
Cause 5 stars on your own is barely getting by

And I know the one thing money can't buy

You can only live in one house at a time
Would I care how big a diamond is if suddenly I'm blind
'Cause I can't buy a heartbeat with pockets full of gold
So when I see you standing there
Oh let me be your broke billionaire

I'd rather run laughing down the road
When every word we say is an inside joke
I'd rather dance barefoot in my jeans
Than faking it in our society

And I'm not, not afraid to die
'Cause I know the one thing money can't buy